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To enable the scientific community, in one central location, to share, develop and discuss their AOP related knowledge, the AOP community uses the Adverse Outcome Pathway Wiki (AOP-Wiki), which allows all stakeholders to build AOPs by entering and then linking information about MIEs, KEs, and AOs. Knowing that pathway elements are not necessarily unique to a single AOP, value is added to existing knowledge by facilitating the re-use of MIE, KE and AO information in multiple AOPs, which prevents redundancy and make the collective knowledge about those entities available in all AOPs in which they appear. 

The AOP Wiki is publicly available and all knowledge disseminated there is open access. Its web addess is

A useful resource is the online training course, which was designed and developed by etioLogic, LLC for the Human Toxicology Project Consortium and is now hosted on the "Animal-Free Safety Assessment (AFSA) Collaboration" website ( and is freely available to any and every one. The course can be downloaded as zip files or run directly online by clicking on the link above.

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