The CIAO project would not be possible without a crowd of experts who are driven by the desire to make scientifically sound AOPs describing biological mechanisms leading to COVID-19.

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Please watch here our 1h Webinar celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the project.

Currently, more than 60 scientists worldwide are part of the CIAO project. The collaboration of this CIAO crowd is governed by our Ground Rules, which can be downloaded here

While the project relies on a strong and creative crowd of volunteers to assemble the AOPs, some steering is obviously necessary. People from the European Commission, the OECD, the Humane Society International and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and individual scientist from Karolinska Institute and from Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia have therefore formed the co-ordination group that co-ordinate the project, manages activities, collects inputs and disseminates outputs.


The project is solely associated with individual scientist participation and their own expressions of interest, it does not represent the official position or involvement of any agency, nor endorsement of any specific activity, platform, or product.