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Building AOPs modelling COVID-19 pathogenesis is a collaborative interdisciplinary effort. Scientists regularly meet within working groups based on their interest and expertise. Besides those regular working group meetings, a CIAO workshop is organised at least twice a year to gather all the knowledge community together, share the outputs developed so far and establish the future steps.

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A series of CIAO seminars were held suring the summer on
COVID-19 and Maternal Immunity with Dr Soares,
Long Covid
Dr Iwasaki & Dr Putrino
Vaccination with Pr. Krammer

Recordings can be watched on our YouTube channel

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9-10 March 2022 - 5th online CIAO AOP Workshop.

CIAO scientists met to further work together toward harmonisation of the 18 COVID-19 AOPs developed within the project.

Work was achieved regarding harmonization to increase interoperability, to build a comprehensive network and to exploit at best the re-use principle of the AOP framework. The progress and updates from the different groups were presented and the directions to take for this year and beyond were explored together.

You can find the Workshop Report here.

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15-16 September 2021 - 4th online CIAO AOP Workshop.

Scientists met to build further the COVID-19 AOP network based on the 15 AOPs related to COVID-19 already developed within the project.

Challenges regarding the ontology harmonisation, level of details required or integration of the factors modulating the course of the disease into the AOP framework were also discussed.

You can find the Workshop Report here.

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28-29 April 2021 - 3rd online CIAO COVID-19 AOP Workshop.

50 scientists met for 2 half-days to build networks to better understand COVID-19. You can find a Workshop Report here.

The working groups remain the same (see diagram below). If you want to participate to one of these working groups, do not hesitate to contact us.

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27-28 January 2021 - 2nd online CIAO COVID-19 AOP Workshop.

55 experts came together over 2 half days and identified 74 Key Events and 13 Adverse Outcome Pathways (see diagram).

You can find a Workshop Report here.

7 working groups were formed:

Hub - Lung - Other organs - Neuro - Modulating factors - Multiscale impact - Systematic Literature Review group.

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1-2 October 2020 - 1st online CIAO COVID-19 AOP Workshop. 

More than 40 international scientific experts spent 2 half days to assemble first stable and agreed draft AOPs depicting COVID-19 pathogenesis.

Following that, and over a time period of 3 months, 5 working groups (see diagram) were busy with the further elaboration of COVID-19 AOP-related Key Events in these COVID-19 AOPs. 

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