The AOP Framework

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In regulatory toxicology, an Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) is a conceptual construct that portrays existing knowledge concerning the linkage between a stressor-triggered molecular initiating event (MIE) and an adverse outcome (AO) via a series of Key Events (KE).

The AOP Framework originates from regulatory toxicology, but molecular initiating events can be triggered by much more than chemicals.

In the CIAO project, we consider the SARS-CoV-2 virus as the stressor.


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The AOP Wiki

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To enable the scientific community, in one central location, to share, develop and discuss their AOP related knowledge, the AOP community uses the Adverse Outcome Pathway Wiki (AOP Wiki), which allows all stakeholders to build AOPs by entering and then linking information about MIEs, KEs, and AOs. Knowing that pathway elements are not necessarily unique to a single AOP, value is added to existing knowledge by facilitating the re-use of MIE, KE and AO information in multiple AOPs, which prevents redundancy and make the collective knowledge about those entities available in all AOPs in which they appear. 

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